MULTI IWIRE m/c, Barsanti Macchine SpA brand/mod.: “MIRAGE 1200 MF40 2C/3”

MULTI IWIRE m/c, Barsanti Macchine SpA brand/mod.: “MIRAGE 1200 MF40 2C/3”


MULTIWIRE MACHINE – used – Barsanti Macchine brand / mod.: “MIRAGE 1200 MF

40 2C/3”

– mfng year: 2016

M/c will be fully refurbished before selling

The multi wire machine MIRAGE 1200 MF40 2C/3 for marble and granite has been made to cut blocks into slabs of different thickness.

All the mechanical parts of the structure have been designed with the help of the “finite elements” theory, applied in the different stress situations, in order to ensure high performance  and reliability even in the most severe stress conditions.

With this machine it is possible to make use of wires of different thickness, of the closed loop.

The wire change is very quick, as well as the change of the cut thickness, thus allowing the operator to change the same with regard to the working needs.

MAIN STRUCTURE: it is made with 2 columns that are connected, in their upper part, by a transversal beam on which the down feed system, slow and fast, is installed.

The machine structure is made with electro welded steel, rigidly connected amongst themselves.

On each column are mounted sliding boards, moving up and down by means of a screw-bushing system, connected to down feed system, both for the slow as well as for the fast down speed. The sliding system consists of sliding blocks that move on interchangeable steel strips guides. The sliding system supports the cutting units that, during the working phase, go down with an adjustable down feed rate to cut  the block into slabs.

The structure that supports the pulleys, the down feed mechanism and the wire tensioning system ensures a great degree of stability and reaction.

CUTTING UNITS the machine has 3 drums for the rotation of the diamond wires, of which one motorized and the other 2 idle.

The motorised drum gives the wires the motion and has a diameter of 2.230 mm. The other two drums have a diameter of 1.100 mm.

The motorized drum is equipped with pulleys and belts connected to the electric motor and it is supported by a couple of largely dimensioned bearings.

The drum has plastic material (polyurethane) interchangeable profiles with high resistance to wear, on which the grooves for the movement of the wires are engraved.

The grooves have a pitch of 9,4 mm allowing a quick change of the cutting thickness.

Each of the idle pulleys support an axis consisting of a fixed axis on which independent idle pulleys are mounted, made of aluminium alloy which are in modifiable number according to the configuration preferred by the customer.

The pulleys rotate on sealed and grease lubricated bearings.

Each pulley has the plastic material engraved by grooves. This plastic material is changeable. This geometry of the pulleys allows a quick change of the cutting thickness.

PRETENSIONING SYSTEM: it is a device mounted on the upper support axis of the idle return pulleys.

Its function is to bring the wires to a tension approximately to that of working, then the system adjusts the tension of the load on each wire equal to the value set by the operator.

The system consists of a screw-nut mechanism through which an electric motor roller turns one of the idle drums to the other, so as to stretch the wire.

During the movement of the idle drum, the contact between the surfaces is obtained on steel rails placed on the slide and sliding skates made in wear-resistant material.

TENSIONING SYSTEM. the tensioning system is made with a single tensioner for each and every wire.

The tension on each wire is virtually constant, with minimum variations between the set tension and the working tension and an excellent performance of the wire.

With our tensioning system, the settings, detected with electronic sensors, are operator programmable with respect to the material under cut (material hardness, block length, etc.) and the type of working.


The electronic sensors installed in the tensioning system immediately stop the machine in case one or more wires break down,  moreover if the tension overpasses the set limit, the downfeed slows down until the tension reaches the set limit again.


PRESSING ROLLERS: made of two idle drums are mounted in front of the lower drums.

The wires are between the pressing rollers, close to the material being processed; the distance from the block of the pressing rollers is adjustable by a simple mechanical system.

In this way the distance of the tool support can always be reduced, providing better guidance of the wire during the cutting and the applied load.

Even the pressing rollers are equipped with interchangeable profiles with grooves of 9,4 mm.

CUTTING THICKNESS CHANGE it is allowed to cut at 2 and 3 cm.

WIRES WASHING SYSTEM: in order to ensure an optimal wires functioning, the washing of the same is done with sprayed water.

This same system also allows a long life of the wire supporting items, as well as the multi groove pulleys and the tensioning pulleys.

DOWN FEED MECHANISM: the machine is equipped with a double down feed system. One is for the working phase, adjustable in a continuous manner with an inverter, the other for the fast up and down movements.

LUBRICATION: the lubrication is centralized and automatic.

N° 1 MOTORIZED BLOCK-HOLDING TROLLEY: made with electro welded steel, the block holding trolleys moves on two rails, one flat and one prismatic.

The movement is by electric motor with portable pushbuttons commands.

ELECTRIC CABINET: the electric cabinet contains all the necessary electronic equipment for the automation of the machine, and all the commando and controls, as well as the inverter for the main motor.


Cutting sizes mt.     3,50 (L) x 1,192 (W) x 180 (H)
Minimum cutting thickness cm.     2
Maximum number of wires n.      40
Fast down feed motor power kW.    30
Slow down feed motor power kW.      0,75
Main motor power kW.  250
Foundation volume m3.    40
Cooling water l/1′   600
Wire speed m/s.     1-40
Wire length (not included) mt.     25,40 (abt)



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